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Mop with Bucket and Squeeze | Yazijico™

Mop with Bucket and Squeeze | Yazijico™

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Mop with Bucket and Squeeze 

Effortlessly clean your floors with the Joybos Mop with Bucket and Squeeze. This hand-free flat floor mop and bucket uses multifunctional microfiber mops to easily remove dirt, dust, and grime. Say goodbye to traditional mopping and hello to a more efficient and effective cleaning experience.

16 Inch Large Pro Mop and Bucket Anyone will appreciate a more time-saving mop bucket.The size of this mop is very impressive.Our mop comes with a 16" flat mop head. Compared to other shorter flat mops and round mops, our mop can save half the cleaning time for the same cleaning area.

😉Upgraded Professional Flat Mop and Bucket System😉 Unlike other products, this set comes with a large bucket with two compartments (clean and dirty water) and each side has its own drain plug. The flat mop and bucket system contains 7 Scraper to speed up the cleaning of dirty mops. It has a fill line on the side, so you know how far to fill it up.

🥇Best Mop for Homes with Hardwood Floors🥇 Easily spreads wood cleaning products. Change the pad and then clean walls or high ceilings. It's easy to get under sofas and furniture with this mop.This mop is convenient and easily reach places that is hard to reach with other mops .Works on all tipes of surfaces .At the top one side has a comb that scraps off the crud into the dirty used water


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