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Abdominal Muscle Trainer Electric Belt Vibration Slimming | Yazijico™

Abdominal Muscle Trainer Electric Belt Vibration Slimming | Yazijico™

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 Abdominal Muscle Trainer Electric Belt Vibration Slimming 

Improve your fitness routine with the Abdominal Muscle Trainer Electric Belt from Yazijico™. Its innovative vibration technology delivers targeted stimulation to your core muscles, helping you achieve a more toned and defined abdomen. This slimming belt is a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their workout and see real results


1. Abdominal stimulator: With this device, you can quickly and easily lose fat, build muscles and shape your body.Suitable for most body parts such as abdomen, waist, arms, shoulders, back, thighs, calves and buttocks.
2. Comfortable and breathable: made of comfortable, adjustable and elastic fabric, it is flexible and durable, easy to clean, suitable for your body and does not irritate the skin. Double adjustable firm fastener adjusts the size of the breathability of the mesh back.
3. Foldable and portable: the main unit is compact and lightweight.The contacts are thin into a piece of paper and can be folded as desired.Easy to put in a bag or suitcase.Train anytime and anywhere.
4. Adjustable: This belt can be adjusted to improve compression around the stomach. The slimming belt is in the middle, so you can sweat during exercise and stimulate your belly fat consumption faster. Suitable for yoga, sauna, fitness and more.
5. 20 magnets improve your digestion and make you slim faster than before.
6. With its strong magnetic points, the effect becomes much more obvious.
7. Different vibration modes can improve blood circulation and strengthen your muscles.
8. [360° MASSAGE]The Electric Vibration Massage Belt provide 360 degree massage, burn fat and it become an most effective way to lose weight even when you are sitting,reading or Sleeping.


EMS muscle stimulator Size: 128 * 13cm / 50.4 * 5.1in



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