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Green Onion Easy Slicer Shredder Plum Blossom | Yazijico™

Green Onion Easy Slicer Shredder Plum Blossom | Yazijico™

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Green Onion Easy Slicer Shredder Plum Blossom 

Elevate your cooking with the Green Onion Easy Slicer Shredder Plum Blossom by Yazijico™. With its unique design, effortlessly slice and shred green onions for garnishes, toppings, and more. Made with high-quality materials, this kitchen tool is durable for long-lasting use. Upgrade your cooking game now!

Product Name: Vegetable Cutter
Material: PP+ Stainless Steel
Size A: 7.7*4.5*1.5cm /3.03*1.77*0.59in
Size B: 8*6.5cm / 3.15*2.56inch, Blade Diameter: 2.7cm / 1.06inch
Color: Green
Purpose: Cut green onion, celery, pepper, carrot, easy to make salad or stir-fry
Style : Modern and Simple


【Small and Portable】The size of this vegetable cutter is 7.7x4.5x1.5cm/3.03x1.77x0.59in, small and portable, suitable for kitchen and family use.

【Multi-function】Our vegetable chopper is multi-purpose. It can chop green onions, celery, peppers, carrots, etc., to make delicious salads and stir-fries.

【Stainless Steel Material】The blades are made of high-quality stainless steel blades. There are 12 sharp blades in total, which cut smoothly and evenly, and are very durable.

【Hanging Hole Design】There is a hanging hole design on the handle at one end of the handle of this shredder, which is convenient for hanging and storing and does not take up space.

【Easy to Use】This shredder is safe to use, and the handle feels comfortable. It is fixed with a plastic needle tube, and then it can be shredded easily with a light push.



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