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Night Light Creative Magnetic Levitation Starlight | Yazijico™

Night Light Creative Magnetic Levitation Starlight | Yazijico™

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3D Printing LED Night Light Creative Magnetic Levitation Starlight Sphere 

Illuminate your space with the innovative Night Light Creative Magnetic Levitation Starlight by Yazijico™. Using magnetic levitation technology, this unique night light appears to float in the air and emits a gentle glow. Perfect as a decorative piece or for a peaceful sleep environment.

Wattage: 0-5W

Voltage: 90-260V

Material: Tempered glass+ABS
Size: As shown in the figure
Color: 10-color gradient (light color cannot be controlled separately)

1. Innovative technology, safe and safe to use, magnetic suspension, 360 degree free rotation, height of about 10MM
2. The globe is made of imported ABS environment-friendly material, which is safe and odor free. The circuit is overload protected, and it can save power. It only needs 0.1 kilowatt hour for 24 hours of operation
3. Soft light, gradual change of ten color lights, one key switching, feeling different lights and shadows, setting off a warm and comfortable atmosphere, creative gifts and ornaments
4. Intelligent adsorption to prevent falling. High precision printing and forming technology, the surface is dirt resistant and waterproof. Warm and romantic, can be used as atmosphere lamp and night light
5. The bottom is designed with multiple heat dissipation holes. Place the base firmly, plug in the power supply, and slowly put the star globe down at the center of the base. When you feel the suspension, you can slowly release your hand. When you feel the edge force pulling the star globe in different directions, the suspension will fail, and you need to adjust the angle to slowly put it down again. When the star globe is successfully suspended, gently touch the power sign above the base to control the star globe light


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