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Electric Heating Cup Water Boiler Cup | Yazijico™

Electric Heating Cup Water Boiler Cup | Yazijico™

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Portable Travel Kettle with Display 4 Temperature Control Water Boiler Cup Automatic Shut Off Electric Heating Cup for Travel

 Expertly designed for convenience, the Electric Heating Cup Water Boiler Cup by Yazijico™ efficiently heats water for your hot beverages. With its innovative heating mechanism and durable construction, this cup provides a quick and reliable solution for your daily caffeine fix. Say goodbye to waiting and hello to instant gratification with Yazijico™.

Type: Water Boiler Cup for Coffee


Name: Portable Travel Kettle

Material: 304 stainless steel + pp

Size: 23×8cm

Rated capacity: 500ml/17oz

Product function: boil water / brew / keep warm / brew milk / stew

Rated voltage: 110ν

Rated power: 300W


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Electric Heating Cup Water Boiler Cup | Yazijico™

[4 Temperature Control and Temperature Display ] This portable travel kettle features 4 preset temperature control. Touch the screen, easily adjust between 212°F-176°F-134°F-113°F. 212°F is suitable for making instant noodles; 176°F can be used for making coffee; 134°F for baby formula; 113°F for lemonade. Make various drinks as you like. The LCD temperature display facilitates know the instant water temperature.

Electric Heating Cup Water Boiler Cup | Yazijico™

[Fast Heating and Automatic Shut Off] This portable travel kettle is suitable for 110V voltage, which can fast boil water in about 5 minutes. And the portable travel kettle features a temperature sensor that will automatically shuts off when the water boils. Safe to use avoiding boiling dry. And the portable travel kettle has a fan-shaped venting hole, quickly relieve pressure to balance internal and external air pressure, avoid overheating and expanding and scalding hands.

[Food Grade Stainless Steel] This portable travel kettle is made of food grade stainless steel and PP material, BPA free, odorless and suitable for long time use. The stainless steel interior not only can keep the water warm, but also prevent from too hot surface temperatures. NTC temperature control, plus or minus 1°C precise temperature control and Boil-off auto power-off prevents repeated boiling. Practical for daily use.

[Portable and Leakproof] This water boiler cup measures 23×8cm and has capacity of 500ml/17oz. With a hidden handle design and come with cup sleeve that is portable to carry around. Easy to put into the backpack. Perfect for travelling, working, camping, etc.

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