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Quick Drying Cooling Microfiber Towel Instant | Yazijico™

Quick Drying Cooling Microfiber Towel Instant | Yazijico™

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Quick Drying Cooling Microfiber Towel Instant 

This Quick Drying Cooling Microfiber Towel by Yazijico™ is perfect for all your adventures. Made with advanced microfiber, it dries faster than regular towels and offers a cooling effect, making it ideal for hikes, workouts, and travel. Stay refreshed and dry with Yazijico™.

Key points:
The ice towel is very easy to use, you can soak it in cold water, wring it out, and then cool it immediately! The ice towel will cool to 30 degrees Celsius and let it cool for a few hours.
If it starts to warm up, just rinse and repeat it again, and keep it cool while fishing, hunting, hiking, or even working.
Suitable for sports, exercise, fitness, fitness, yoga, travel, camping and fever, heat stress or hot flashes
.According to your preference, it can be used as a headwear, sweat band, cool headband, neck scarf or scarf.
Using food grade silicone sleeve and carabiner, you can hang it on the bag. The ventilated silicone sleeve can help you pack the towel well, and the circular mesh design makes it more breathable, and it is not easy to make the towel look damp and Smelly.
Material: Fiber
Size: Towel: 400*400mm, Box: 72*45mm


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