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Rechargeable Electric Wine | Yazijico™

Rechargeable Electric Wine | Yazijico™

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Rechargeable Electric Wine 

Improve the taste and aroma of your wine with Yazijico™ Electric Wine Aerator. This rechargeable dispenser uses one-touch technology to evenly aerate your wine, unlocking its full potential. A perfect gift for wine aficionados on Valentine's Day or any special occasion.

1. Wine-like curve design, fashionable and beautiful

2. One key to start automatic wine dispensing, press again to stop wine dispensing

3. Built-in sober up hole, quickly sober up while distributing wine, saving 15-20 minutes

4. More than 30 bottles of red wine can be divided into fully charged

5. Powered by environmentally friendly lithium batteries

6. TYPE-C charging, easy to operate

7. Food contact grade safety material

Basic combination: Electric Red Wine Sober Dispenser + Silicone Catheter + Charging Cable + Manual + Color Box

Override power: 10W Input power: 5W

Main material: ABS. food grade silicone, 304 stainless steel

Product size: 55*113.8*120mm

Product net weight: 145 soil 10g

Product gross weight: 240g

Packing form: color box packaging

Package size: 115*57.5*127mm

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