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Refrigerator 4-Layer Automatic Egg Roller | Yazijico™

Refrigerator 4-Layer Automatic Egg Roller | Yazijico™

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 Refrigerator 4-Layer Automatic Egg Roller

The Yazijico™ Refrigerator 4-Layer Automatic Egg Roller is an innovative kitchen gadget that efficiently stores and organizes your eggs in a side door tray. With a 4-layer design, this egg tray can hold a large capacity of eggs, making it perfect for households that go through a lot of eggs. The automatic egg roller ensures that the freshest eggs are always used first, making breakfast preparation a breeze. Experience the convenience and functionality of the Yazijico™ Refrigerator 4-Layer Automatic Egg Roller for yourself.

This egg storage box allows direct contact with food, health, not being afraid of low temperatures, stacking eggs

The egg frame of the refrigerator adopts a solid color design. The overall visual design concept of the egg rack can easily see the remaining eggs inside the entire egg rack
The egg rack can hold up to 30 eggs and the slim and compact design can easily fit into any fridge, shelf, or countertop, helping you save more space.
egg holder for the refrigerator is a recessed design, each egg is placed individually to prevent shaking and effectively prevent eggs from bumping and breaking
The egg organizer is suitable for the kitchen, fridge, freezer, kitchen, cupboard, tabletop, etc.

Product information:
Specifications: cream yellow, gray, white, transparent
Function: Storage
Material: PP
Type: storage box

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