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Rehabilitation Robot Glove Hand Finger | Yazijico™

Rehabilitation Robot Glove Hand Finger | Yazijico™

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Rehabilitation Robot Glove Hand Finger 

Increase hand and finger strength and improve motor function with Yazijico™ Rehabilitation Robot Glove. This innovative training device is designed to aid in stroke and hemiplegia recovery, promoting hand function and dexterity. Scientifically and objectively created for optimal rehabilitation results.

Function 1: Rehabilitation Robot Gloves

Function 2: stroke recovery gloves

Function 3: hemiplegia finger robot gloves

Function 4: hand rehabilitation robot glove

Function 5: Hand Rehabilitation Device

Function 6: Hand Function Recovery

Function 7: hand function recovery finger device

Function 8: finger rehabilitation trainer robot

Function 9: robotic rehabilitation glove

Function 10: robot gloves rehabilitation

Function 11: stroke recovery glove

Function 12: gloves for stroke patients

Function 13: hemiplegia robot gloves

Function 14: rehabilitation glove

Function 15: glove for hand rehabilitation

Function 16: hand rehabilitation robot

for: parkinson treatment


Portable hand trainer, rejecting ineffective training.Stiff hands, training to promote blood circulation and flexibility.Compact size, easy to carry and does not take up much space.Intelligent chip, stable and long-lasting work.Easy to operate, easy for the elderly to master.Mirror training, mirror glove for improved efficiency.Adjustable air valve for finger training.Portable belt, easy to carry.

Applicable crowd: rehabilitation robot gloves are suitable for people
with hand dysfunction, and also for people who want to exercise their
hands and fingers, such as stroke, hand arthritis, hand therapy,stroke
hand,hemiplegia, cerebral palsy, hemiplegia, adults and children over
six years old.

Automatic training mode: rehabilitation gloves finger exerciser
equipment have automatic training function. After wearing gloves, you
can achieve independent training, and each time you train your hands for
20 minutes. The strength of grades 1-9 can be adjusted according to
your specific situation to suit your finger and hand rehabilitation.

Mirror training mode: patient physical reabilitech therapy gloves can
be used to drive the disabled hand with the normal hand for training.
When the healthy hand presses the button, it can drive the other hand
for training.

Confrontation training mode: rehabilitation robot stroke gloves can
enable the disabled hand or finger to move in the opposite direction
when the product is working, so as to achieve the purpose of training.

Effect: Finger gloves have passed a lot of tests and received feedback
from many patients, showing superior performance. It is a very good tool
for hand exercise. In the process of hand training, it will stimulate
the brain nervous system and help you recover the hand and hand
functions.This is a hand therapy equipment and finger rehabilitation
trainer robot gloves.


Rehabilitation Robot Glove Hand Finger Rehabilitation Robot Glove Hand Finger Rehabilitation Robot Glove Hand Finger Rehabilitation Robot Glove Hand Finger

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