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Pocket Emo Robot Talking Interactive Dialogue | Yazijico™

Pocket Emo Robot Talking Interactive Dialogue | Yazijico™

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Pocket Emo Robot Talking Interactive Dialogue

Introducing the Yazijico™ Pocket Emo Robot - a fun and interactive toy that talks, dances, sings, and even tells stories! With voice recognition and recording capabilities, this mini robot will provide endless entertainment for children and adults alike. Bring home your very own personal robot today!


Functions: interactive communication, singing, dancing, LED lights, storytelling, decoration

Smart appearance: The robot is mini 85mm in size and can be held in the hand

The robot's eyes will flash with joy when receiving different instructions, and the robot's arms can rotate flexibly.

Repeat mode: The pocket robot can record your voice and repeat it to you with robot sound effects without making any noise

Conversation mode: Just talk to him, the cute robot can recognize the voice and reply to you, a good companion when you are alone.

Entertainment mode: The robot can glide, sing, dance, tell stories, etc.

Easy to carry: You can take the small robot anywhere through the belt hole on the head, or put it in your pocket.

If you have any questions, please contact our store immediately. It's an honor to serve you!


Product name: Remote control robot

Battery: 1 AAA battery (not included)

Main material: plastic

white color

Product size: 85*65*50mm

Product weight: about 53g

Package information:

Package size: 15.5*11.5*5.7cm/6.1*4.5*2.2in

Packing weight: 114g

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