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Organize Rotating Makeup Brush Holder | Yazijico™

Organize Rotating Makeup Brush Holder | Yazijico™

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Organize  Rotating Makeup Brush Holder 

Organize and rotate your makeup collection with Yazijico™ 360 Degree Rotating Makeup Brush Holder. This luxurious cosmetic organizer features a lid for added protection and separate compartments for your lipstick, eyebrow pencil, and eye shadow. Stay organized and save time finding your favorite products with this stylish storage box.

1. Stylish appearance and effect. Acrylic transparent protective cover, no dust will fall on your brush, and no makeup powder will fly around. Grid design to make your brushes neat and orderly.

2.3 grid design, so that your makeup brush classification storage use. Transparent cover cosmetic brush holder storage box, say goodbye to dust, neat and clean.

3. There is enough space to accommodate different sizes of brushes; you can keep your brushes upright and organized with ease of use.

4. Rotatable base with protective pad, 360 ° rotatable base, can be switched to your favorite angle, easy to use, beautiful placement.

5.4 support feet on the bottom to keep it stable. Suitable for any space, such as bathroom, living room, bedroom, dressing table, etc., convenient and easy to store all your small table accessories and save space.

size: 12.7*12.3*27cm

net weight: 410g


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