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Rubbing Washcloth Bath Nylon Towel Brush | Yazijico™

Rubbing Washcloth Bath Nylon Towel Brush | Yazijico™

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Rubbing Washcloth Bath Nylon Towel  Brush 

Discover the ultimate shower experience with our Japanese Rubbing Washcloth Bath Nylon Towel by Yazijico™. Designed to gently exfoliate and scrub your body, this brush for back towels will leave your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Made with high-quality materials, it's the perfect addition to your bathroom accessories.

1. Skin friendly material, men's only, clean up excess oil, reduce melanin precipitation, brush away old horniness
2. In order to increase the friction force of the towel, the designer designs the surface of the towel as a wavy concave convex surface, and these small spirals can be deeply cleaned
3. the use of three-dimensional braiding technology requires only a small amount of bath lotion to form a rich foam, good flexibility and elasticity to make it easier to retain foam.
4. Fluffy three-dimensional weaving, leaving fine and dense pores, So that the moisture can be quickly ventilated, dry and clean.

Size: 24*100cm

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