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Shoe Cover Dispenser Automatic | Yazijico™

Shoe Cover Dispenser Automatic | Yazijico™

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Shoe Cover Dispenser Automatic 

Introducing the Yazijico™ Shoe Cover Dispenser, the automatic solution for keeping your home clean and saving time and labor. With its waterproof design and included shoe film, this dispenser makes it easy to keep your floors protected from outside dirt and debris. Keep your household clean with ease.

1. Depress the black pedal

2. The blade rises

3. Lift your foot and step into the machine's sponge footprint (please step deeper and step harder)

4. After the shoe film is attached to the sole, slowly lift the foot and pull the shoe film back

5. Pull the tip of the shoe to 2-5cm outside the blade, and pull the tip of the toe lower than the blade 2-3cm to pull back, you can break the membrane

6. After the filming of both feet is completed, step on the black pedal to make the blade descend and return to the blade.

(Note: The black pedal only needs to be stepped on at the beginning and end of use, no need to step on the pedal during film breaking!)

  • Get 1 roll of shoe film free, film provides up to 250 pairs of shoe covers.

  • Shoe membrane material: ABS plastic, safe and environmentally friendly

  • Sponge color (gray, yellow, white,) shipped at random.

  • For cleanliness, don't need to change your shoes, just STEP, PULL and TEAR, convenient and efficient(you step your shoes/boot on the plastic film and then lift your foot and pull back and use the serrated cutter to cut by pointing the toe of your shoes down toward the ground. As soon as you do not need the protective film on your shoes anymore, take it off. )

  • The is designed as sawtooth, saving effort and durable, easy to cut, when peeling the sticky plastic off the bottom of your shoes, it also remove some excess dirt

  • Fit any sizes of shoes, easier to apply than shoe covers; perfect for offices, Hygiene Areas facilities, house protection and etc


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