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Smart Fingerbot Plus Switch Button | Yazijico™

Smart Fingerbot Plus Switch Button | Yazijico™

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Zigbee Smart Fingerbot Plus Switch Button 

The Yazijico™ New Zigbee Smart Fingerbot Plus is a versatile switch button pusher that can be controlled via the Tuya Smart Life app. Compatible with Alexa and Google, this device allows for hands-free control of various electronic devices. Experience the convenience and ease of automation with the Yazijico™ New Zigbee Smart Fingerbot Plus.

【New upgrade ZigBee version】:Tuya ZigBee Gateway/Hub is required

【APP remote control 】:The smart fingerbot plus can be controlled by mobile phone connect zigbee gateway.

【Voice Control 】:The smart switch button pusher can be controlled through a voice device at home.

【Timed start】:You can set the time in the APP and start the fingerbot button at a regular time.

【Ultra-long battery life】:The zigbee fingerbot uses the CR2 battery, which has ultra-long battery life.

【Convenient installation】:Stick glue on the bottom surface of the finger robot, paste it in the required position, open the mobile phone APP for configuration and use.


Product Name: Zigbee Fingerbot Plus

Dimensions: 34.5*34.5*34.5mm/1.33*1.33*1.33inch

Weight: 38g

Battery: CR2 3.0V

Torque: 2.0

Maximum arm movement: 12mm

Wireless Protocol: Zigbee 3.0

Working Temperature: -10℃—45℃

Zigbee Hub: Required

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