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Multi-Functional Stripper Peeling Hand Rolling | Yazijico™

Multi-Functional Stripper Peeling Hand Rolling | Yazijico™

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Multi-Functional Stripper Peeling Hand Rolling

Effortlessly peel peas and enjoy the nutritional benefits with the Yazijico™ Multi-Functional Peeler. Designed for durability, this hand-held machine strips and rolls peas for easy cooking. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual peeling and hello to a fast, healthy and efficient kitchen experience.

1、ANTI-SKIDDING RESISTANT: Bean and pea sheller is electricity free and noiseless, with a silicone ring on the bottom to keep the pea sheller in place.
2、FAST AND EFFICIENT: Bean peeling machine is fast and efficient. Simply shells peas in seconds and can hold different sized beans.
3、EASY TO USE: Simply push the handle gently while rolling for quick peeling. Open design for easy cleaning. No assembly or adjustment required.
4、KITCHEN TOOLS: Hand crank pea sheller is a must have kitchen gadget for common applications including peeling beans, soybeans, peas and more.
5、EASY TO CARRY: Hand crank pea sheller is easy to carry and space saving, perfect for grilling at the park, beach or campground.

Item Type: Hand Crank Pea Sheller
Material: Plastic, Silicone
Gross Weight: 418g/14.7oz
Size: Approx. 14x14.6cm / 5.5x5.7in

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