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Sushi Maker Japanese Roller Rice | Yazijico™

Sushi Maker Japanese Roller Rice | Yazijico™

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Quick Sushi Maker Japanese Roller Rice

Create perfect sushi rolls every time with Yazijico™ Quick Sushi Maker. This Japanese roller rice mold bazooka features a vegetable and meat rolling tool, making it easy to create delicious and professional-looking sushi at home. Save time and impress your guests with this convenient and stylish kitchen gadget.

Name: Sushi Maker
Material: PP
Color: White, Pink, Gray blue, Beige, Black
Size: As picture shown
1. This sushi mold is made of food grade plastic, which is very safe and can be used with confidence.
2. Very easy to clean and can be reused after cleaning.
3. Not easy to stick, sushi rice balls can be easily formed and rolled out quickly.
4. The sushi mat rolls into a tidy cylinder to shape the rice, seaweed, veggies, and seafood that make up.
5. You can experience the joy of making diy sushi with your family in the kitchen, and taste the delicious sushi made together!
6. This product is like a rocket launcher, but it works like a syringe to make sushi. With it, we can make delicious sushi in a few steps (filling, closing, pushing, wrapping, cutting)!

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