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Table Plates Dinnerware Kitchen Fruit Bowl | Yazijico™

Table Plates Dinnerware Kitchen Fruit Bowl | Yazijico™

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Table Plates Dinnerware Kitchen Fruit Bowl 

Experience a new level of organization and functionality in your kitchen with the Table Plates Dinnerware Kitchen Fruit Bowl from Yazijico™. Featuring a unique partitioned design and wooden tableware, this set allows for easy serving and display of your favorite dishes and desserts. Upgrade your dinnerware today!

• Partitioned design for easy serving :The oval-shaped plate has a partitioned design that makes it easy to serve fruits, cakes, or candies without mixing them together.

• Made of durable plastic material :The plate is made of high-quality plastic material that is durable and long-lasting, ensuring that it can be used for multiple occasions.

• Suitable for use on wooden tables :The plate is designed to be used on wooden tables, adding a touch of elegance to your dining experience.

• Solid pattern for aesthetic appeal :The plate has a solid pattern that adds aesthetic appeal to your table setting, making it perfect for special occasions.


-Material: plastic + Wood

-Color: green, white, beige

-Layer: double/triple


-1. large capacity to meet your storage needs.

-2. With a shelf for fixing the fruit tray, you can place it at an angle.

-3. Fully utilize the vertical space, does not take up space, return you a neat desktop.

-4. Multi-functional use, you can put fruits and snacks, nuts and so on.

-5. beautiful appearance, high quality material tray with glossy surface.



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