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Foldable Toast Bread Slicer Adjustable Plastic | Yazijico™

Foldable Toast Bread Slicer Adjustable Plastic | Yazijico™

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Foldable Toast Bread Slicer Adjustable Plastic

Expertly slice your bread and loaves with the Yazijico™ Foldable Toast Bread Slicer. Made with high-quality, adjustable plastic, this kitchen gadget is perfect for evenly cutting bread, cheese, and pastries. Save time and achieve perfect slices every time with this efficient and versatile tool.

*High Quality: Our bread toast slicer cutting is made with food grade environmental friendly ABS resin material. Safe, high temperature resistance, reusable, tenacious, beautifully designed.

*Easy to Clean: The tray at the bottom of the bread slicer collects crumbs and keeps the counter clean. The multi-purpose tray at the bottom can also be used to display fruits and food.

*Toaster Slicer Size: 16 x 15 x 14.5cm  6.30 x 5.91 x 5.78 in. Foldable & Compact Bread Cutter: The compact design is ideal for folding the bread slicer away effortlessly even in a crowded kitchen. After use, just rinse with water and wipe clean with a cloth, also top dishwasher safe.

*Adjustable Thick: Our bread slicer guide is perfect to adjust the width of slices, cut your slices of bread as thin or thick.

*Perfect Gift to Mom & Wife: The bread maker is perfect for slicing homemade bread in uniform slices, good to cut loaf, toast, sandwich, bagels slices, also can cut luncheon meat, ham, cheese, vegetable and fruit. Perfect bread toast slicing for kitchen home family life, and a wonderful gift to mom and wife and someone you loved!


*Size:16 x 15 x 14.5cm / 6.30 x 5.91 x 5.78 in




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