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Elderly Toilet Pee Urine Bottle Plastic Urinal | Yazijico™

Elderly Toilet Pee Urine Bottle Plastic Urinal | Yazijico™

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Portable Toilet Pee Urine Bottle Plastic Urinal Toilet Aid Bottle Man Woman 

The Elderly Toilet Pee Urine Bottle Plastic Urinal by Yazijico™ offers a convenient solution for mobility-impaired individuals. Made with durable plastic, it is easy to clean and non-corrosive. The portable design and secure cap make it ideal for use at home or on the go.


Bullet Points:
1、Practical Urinal Bottle: The urinal bottle is a portable urinal when the long tube is removed, and the urinal bottle is suitable for men and women.
2、Large Capacity: The capacity of the urinal bottle is 2000ml, and it has degrees for the measurement of urine output, and it is very clear to see the inside of the bottle.
3、Long Tube: The length of the tube is about 1.3m(51.2inch)/1.6m(62.9inch), and it can be use in bed or wheelchair directly, and the diameter of it is about 20 mm (0.78in).
4、Easy to Carry: The urinal bottle is light, portable, strong and long lasting, and and it features a odour lid, and it might be odour-insulated.
5、Easy to Clean: The urinal bottle has smooth surface material can easily be cleaned, making it extremely safe and simple to use and hot water and detergent.

Capacity: 2000mL
Colour: white
Tube length: 1.3m/51.18, 1.6m/62.99in
Weight: 250g/280g
Body material: PE (polyethylene)
Size (Height x Width x Depth): approx. 120X100X200 MM
Suitable for: patient care, incontinence care populations

This a unique design of this Urinal Bottle makes it completely spill proof and spill proof.
Be Left they can even be used in bed, making it instantly available to the user.

3 in 1 suitable for use with all:
1. it is a portable urinal when the long tube is removed
2) This is a urinal the men, when the long tubular is connected
3rd This ist eine Frau For Urinals when the long tube and female interface.

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