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Elderly Bathroom Chair Lift Adjustment Shower | Yazijico™

Elderly Bathroom Chair Lift Adjustment Shower | Yazijico™

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Bearing Toilet Stool Multifunctional Elderly Bathroom Chair 

The Elderly Bathroom Chair Lift Adjustment Shower by Yazijico™ offers convenient and safe assistance for individuals with limited mobility. Its adjustable design provides customizable support and its sturdy construction ensures long-lasting durability. Perfect for daily use, this shower chair lift offers peace of mind and independence for its users.


Feature1: toilet stool

Feature2: elderly bathroom chair

Feature3: shower chair

Feature4: Bathroom furniture

  1. 5 gear height is adjustable, suitable for people of different heights

  2. High compressive strength and load-bearing capacity of 300 KG

  3. Upgrade the anti-slip foot pad more stable anti-rollover

  4. Armrest with concave and convex texture, greatly increase the degree of anti-skid

  5. Both handrails can be removed for easy toilet and cleaning

  6. PU soft cushion ring crack does not deformation, easy to clean

  7. Soft back cushion Strong support to protect the waist back



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