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Toothpick Box Lucky Cat Shape Automatic Pops Up | Yazijico™

Toothpick Box Lucky Cat Shape Automatic Pops Up | Yazijico™

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Toothpick Box Lucky Cat Shape Automatic Pops Up 

Elevate your home dining experience with our Toothpick Box Lucky Cat Shape Push-type Automatic Pops Up by Yazijico™. This unique toothpick dispenser is perfect for any meal - simply push down on the lucky cat and a toothpick will pop up, neatly stored in the dispenser. Say goodbye to messy toothpick holders and elevate your dining decor.

Product Material: PP
Product Size: 10*7cm
Weight: 0.12kg
How to use: Press out the lottery
Product style: Lucky cat (red)
Color: Red
Product use: Automatically eject the toothpick box

1. Choose high-quality PP material, full toughness, not easy to break, rest assured to use,
2. One press to sign out; Easy to operate, press the button on the panda's head, and the toothpick can pop out
3. Single-hole design: convenient signing, single-hole signing, one at a time, dustproof with a lid, easy to use,
4. Detachable design: a rotation can be opened, the toothpick replacement is convenient, the small body is large-capacity, the toothpick is easy to replace, and the toothpick replacement is effortless,
5. The shape is beautiful, it can be used as a place, the toothpick box is small and exquisite, it does not take up space, and it is easy to take

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