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Smart Pelvic Floor Trainer Kegel Training | Yazijico™

Smart Pelvic Floor Trainer Kegel Training | Yazijico™

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Smart Pelvic Floor Trainer Kegel Training

Improve your pelvic health with the Yazijico™ Smart Pelvic Floor Trainer. This innovative device uses advanced technology to provide targeted kegel training for women, strengthening the pelvic floor and thigh muscles. Perfect for use at home or in the gym, it's a must-have for any fitness or health routine.

Improve Body Shape: The pelvic floor muscle inner exerciser can activate the hip muscles in a short time, correct the pelvis and tighten the hips through muscle strength training.
Intelligent Chip Equipped: intelligent chip, and adds a counting function, which can record your workout data in real-time, making your workout more efficient.
Pelvic reduction: our exercises promote pelvic reduction and strengthen pelvic floor muscles. With the perfect size, it can be taken to the gym, office and even on long-business trips.
Multi-functional trainers: buttocks can be easily strengthened your pelvic floor muscles while activating the thigh adductor and gluteus. It not only trains your hips, but also beneficial your waist and leg muscles.
Applicable people: 2-3 training sessions per day. Try to beautify the hips, control the bladder and change the sitting position. Our pelvic floor trainers activates the hip muscles in a short time and is perfect for sitting and postpartum women.

Material: PP + TPR + spring
Color: Pink, Purple, Grey
Size: 28x 26cm
Weight: about 650g
Feature: Adjustable Strength (Three gear), Rotatable, Countable.  

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