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Travel Pillow Velvet Memory Foam Neck | Yazijico™

Travel Pillow Velvet Memory Foam Neck | Yazijico™

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Travel Pillow Velvet Memory Foam Neck

Unwind in comfort with the Yazijico™ THUTMOSE Travel Pillow. Made of soft velvet and high-quality memory foam, this neck pillow comes equipped with a hood for added privacy and rest. Perfect for long flights, plane rides, and even in the office or car. Experience ultimate relaxation wherever you go.

NEW HOODED DESIGN: The hood-designed travel pillow helps block out the light, eliminating the need for an extra pair of eye masks, and allowing you to rest better on the travel. In addition, the neck pillow includes earplugs to reduce external noise disturbances, further improving the quality of your rest.
PERFECT ERGONOMIC SUPPORT: The neck pillow's hump design gives better and fuller support to your head and neck. A U-shaped curve design on both sides can wrap your neck better. With the adjustable rope lock, you can find the perfect size for your neck, preventing your head from falling forward.
VELVET EXTERIOR & COOLING INTERIOR: Our airplane pillow's outer layer is luxury velvet, which is soft, comfortable, non-irritating, and odorless, the inner is magnetic therapy fabric, which is cool, breathable, and sweat-absorbent, keeping your neck and face dry. In addition, the outer layer is removable and machine washable, making cleaning quick and easy, so the travel neck pillow will always provide the maximum comfort on your trip.
PREMIUM MEMORY FOAM: Our travel pillow is made of high-quality memory foam, which is comfortable, breathable with good elasticity. It has 5 seconds rebound technology, relieves pressure, and cushions your body.

USING TIPS: Before first use, take the plane pillow to the ventilation for 24 hours to eliminate the odor, which is a normal issue with memory foam material. The storage cap may be a little thick if the hood is stored, it may cause discomfort, so we recommend taking out the hood when using.
COLD TIPS: Due to the colder temperatures, the travel pillow may feel slightly firmer than usual. We recommend allowing it to warm up before use for maximum comfort, or its comfort will improve when temperatures reach 70 degrees F or above. Safe travels!
PERFECT TRAVEL & RELAX PARTNER: Whether you are traveling by plane, car, train, or bus, watching TV or reading at home, working or napping in the office, Thutmose memory foam travel neck pillow will provide effective support and much comfort. Buy it for you and your loved ones!


Brand Name: THUTMOSE
Material: Memory Foam, Velvet
Color: Black, Pink
Product Dimensions: 9.80 * 9.10 * 5.90 inches
Product Care Instructions: Hand Wash or Machine Wash



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