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Ultrasonic Dog Repeller Handheld Barking Stop | Yazijico™

Ultrasonic Dog Repeller Handheld Barking Stop | Yazijico™

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Ultrasonic Dog Repeller Handheld Barking Stop

Introducing the Yazijico™ Ultrasonic Dog Repeller! Stop barking and deter unwanted behaviors with this handheld device. Emitting ultrasonic waves that are silent to humans but effective in stopping dogs in their tracks, this device is perfect for dog owners and experts looking for a safe, non-violent way to train dogs.

Helps Prevent Dog Attacks

A Handheld Ultrasonic Dog Trainer, Repel Dogs

Handheld dog deterrent device

Uses the latest in ultrasonic technology

Harmless to pets

Outdoor Dog Deterrent Devices

This upgraded outdoor ultrasonic animal repeller is harmless and environmentally friendly, repelling animals by ultrasonic waves, sirens and LED flashing lights. It will not harm animals, let alone human beings. The repeller stops cats, dogs, foxes, raccoons, birds and most other wild animals from causing trouble in your home. The outdoor squirrel repellent keeps you and your family safe, keeping animals out of the yard permanently.


Multi Settings 

More than just a dog repeller device, a super bright flashlight is included and can be used as a secondary way to stop an approaching dog. Holding down the button will not only emit an ultrasonic sound, but it will also quickly LED flash the bright LEDs and correct a dog's behavior. The bright flashlight can also be turned on and used to light your way home.


Material: ABS

Package include: 1x repeller. (Battery not included.)

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