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Wireless Mattress Vacuum Cleaner Cordless | Yazijico™

Wireless Mattress Vacuum Cleaner Cordless | Yazijico™

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Wireless Mattress Vacuum Cleaner Cordless 

Effortlessly remove dust and allergens from your mattress and sofa with the Yazijico™ Wireless Mattress Vacuum Cleaner. Featuring powerful 12Kpa suction, UV-C light technology, and cordless portability, this specialist cleaner provides in-depth cleaning for a healthier home. Say goodbye to pesky dust mites and hello to a cleaner, more comfortable sleep environment.

 【Powerful Suction】

Mattress vacuum cleaner has 12Kpa strong suction, 1500mAh-100W strong power,large induction area,u-shape UV lamp, large beating pad, easier to suck in dust mite hidden in the deepth. You can safely clean dust from the depths of mattresses, pillows, sofas, pet hair, blankets, and cushions.

【 High Efficiency Filter 】

Bed vacuum cleaner uses HEPA sealed filter to filter out fine particles as small as 0.3 micron. Cordless vacuum cleaner can achieve double filtration, avoid secondary pollution. Handheld vacuum cleaner with large capacity dust box, easy to remove, can be cleaned directly. With 2 fine filters are distributed without suction loss or dust clogging.

【Purple Light Upgrade】

Mattress vacuum cleaner using purple- c 253.7nm wavelength violet light, can penetrate mites directly and effectively clean pollution, compared to traditional vacuum cleaner,our bed vacuum cleaner cleaning rate of up to 99.7%, , mattress vacuum deep violet filter cleaning, to provide a comfortable environment for the home.

【 Cordless Design, Light and Convenient 】

The vacuum cleaner in bed is designed with cordless design, light and compact, 2.86lb ultra-light weight, easy to hold, USB charging mode, 1500MA battery, which can easily and quickly clean the whole room.


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