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Vacuum Squeegee Portable Glass Cleaning Machine | Yazijico™

Vacuum Squeegee Portable Glass Cleaning Machine | Yazijico™

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Cordless Rechargeable Automatic Window Vacuum Squeegee Portable Glass Cleaning Machine For Showers, Mirrors, Glass, & Countertop

Introducing the Vacuum Squeegee Portable Glass Cleaning Machine from Yazijico™. Experience the power of advanced cleaning technology with this portable and convenient device. With its vacuum feature, it effortlessly removes dirt and grime for a streak-free shine. Keep your windows and glass surfaces sparkling without any hassle.

Voltage: 220-240V

Power (W): <800W

Model Number: MA-999

Color: yellow

Weight: 0.7kg

Battery life: 30 minutes

charging time: 180 minutes

water container: 200ml

nozzle width: 280mm

Dimensions: 105 x 280 x 338 mm.

Feature 1: Automatic window cleaning machine

Feature 2: Integrated water spray and window cleaning

Efficient: the dirty water sucks off the surface in no time before it drips down - radiantly clean windows with no drips and streaks.
Maximum flexibility: with a running time of 25-30 minutes, the powerful lithium-ion battery window vacuum cleaner cleans about 25 windows (area of 65-75 m²)
Convenient: vacuum design generated dirty water is completely sucked into the water container and no longer fall off, when the water tank is full, you can disassemble it to clean to ensure no bacteria left behind, and solve your worries.
Easy to use: excellent for window cleaning as well as for all smooth surfaces, simply wash windows, tiles, mirrors or shower cubicles and then vacuum.

Detailed Introduction Window Cleaner - Improve Your Life

★ The removable glass cleaner of the water tank completely changes the window cleaning.

★ Wireless window vacuum cleaner makes cleaning easier and saves time and effort.

★ The clever combination of a spray bottle and a microfibre Vadro cover, combined with the suction function allows for very effective cleaning and radiant window cleaning without leaving any marks or residue.

★ Window cleaning is particularly hygienic as there is no direct contact with dirty water.

★ In addition, the practical window vacuum cleaner is always ready to use with its powerful battery operation. There are no limits to cleaning.

Box contents:

★ Dry & Clean window vacuum cleaner.

★ Standard spray bottle with microfibre cover ★ Lithium-ion battery.

★ Battery Charger

Instructions for use:

★ Working width of suction nozzle, width 280mm

★ Content of dirty water container:200ml

★ Battery charging time: 180 minutes.

★ Battery life: 30 minutes.

★ Weight with battery:0.7kg

★ Dimensions (L x W x H): 105 x 280 x 338 mm.

Vacuum Squeegee Portable Glass Cleaning Machine | Yazijico™

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