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Kitchen Veggie Chopper Multifunction | Yazijico™

Kitchen Veggie Chopper Multifunction | Yazijico™

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Kitchen Veggie Chopper Multifunction

Efficiently chop, grate, and shred food with the Yazijico™ Kitchen Veggie Chopper. This multifunctional tool features a rotary cheese grater, manual drum grater, food shredder, vegetable slicer, and meat grinder. Save time and effort in the kitchen with this versatile and convenient tool.


Five slicing knife barrel.
Wave pattern/Thin slices/Square Strip/Thin strip/Thick strip


#Hand and Blade Zero contact Really safe without hurting hands.
#Bionic octopus design.Cut vegetables at will.Standing still
#Body washable.All parts are removable



The blade is sharp, please use it with care.

Applicable fruits and vegetables:
*The vegetable cutter is suitable for cutting hard fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, onions, lettuce, gourds, lotus roots, etc.

Thickness of ingredients:
*The slice/shred thickness is related to the pressing force of the ingredients. It is recommended to press the ingredients tightly when cutting wavy slices for better shaping effect.

Shredding techniques:
*The length of the shreds is related to the contact surface between the ingredients and the blade. When the contact surface is large, the shreds will be longer. When cutting carrots, it is recommended to lay the carrots diagonally.

*If the vegetables are dyed by carrots and other strong dyeing ingredients during the cutting process, you can put a small amount of cooking oil on the surface of the product and wipe it with a paper towel to remove the color, and then wash it with dish soap and dry it.

*The blade of the vegetable cutter is very sharp, please pay attention to safety during the installation, replacement and cleaning of the blade!

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