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Antibacterial Wall Roller Paint | Yazijico™

Antibacterial Wall Roller Paint | Yazijico™

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Antibacterial Wall Roller Paint | Yazijico™

Keep your home clean and safe with Yazijico™ Antibacterial Wall Roller Paint. This water-based repair brush uses white latex paint to protect your kitchen and living room from bacteria. Portable and easy to use, it's the perfect addition to your household cleaning routine.

Material: Mulsion Paint

Color: As shown in the picture

Content: 500g

Size: about 21cm*10.5cm


1.Big Roller Paint is a white paint designed for refinishing the interior walls of your home. Painting a wide range of surfaces saves time and effort. It is made of water-based, environmentally friendly paint with a fresh odor that is safe to use in an indoor environment.

2.The paint is made from water-based, fresh-smelling latex material that contains no harmful substances and is harmless to the human body and the environment. It does not produce irritating odors, does not pollute indoor air quality and is friendlier to people with allergies.

3.This interior wall repair paint has good adhesion and covering power, and can effectively repair small imperfections on the wall, such as cracks, pits and scratches. It dries quickly and is easy to apply, making home decorating easier and more convenient.

4.This paint also has strong durability and scrub resistance, not easy to fade and flake, can keep the wall beautiful and flat for a long time.

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