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Wash Pot Brushes Pot Dish Cleaning | Yazijico™

Wash Pot Brushes Pot Dish Cleaning | Yazijico™

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2 IN 1 Wash Pot Brushes Pot Dish Cleaning

Efficiently clean your pots and dishes with the Yazijico™ 2 IN 1 Wash Pot Brushes. This innovative brush combines a bristle scrubbing head and a liquid soap dispenser, making it easier to remove tough stains and grease. Say goodbye to messy and complicated dishwashing routines with this convenient kitchen tool.

Material: Plastic, nylon

Color: , Green, Purple

Size: 7x9cm/2.76x3.54inch

Plastic Tank for Washing up Liquid

Spring Loaded Button to Release Washing up Liquid to Tackle Stubborn Grease and Grime.

Makes light work of washing dishes. Fill the dispenser with washing up liquid and get your dishes sparkling.

A great hand held dish brush which dispenses washing up liquid as you wash the dishes.


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