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Magnetic Window Cleaner Brush | Yazijico™

Magnetic Window Cleaner Brush | Yazijico™

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Magnetic Window Cleaner Brush | Yazijico™

Effortlessly clean both sides of your windows with the Yazijico™ Magnetic Window Cleaner Brush. This innovative tool features a double-side design and automatic water discharge for efficient and thorough cleaning. Say goodbye to streaks and hello to sparkling windows with this must-have household tool.

Product features:
Feature 1 : Window cleaner
Feature 2: : Window washer
Type 1 : Cleaning glasses
Type 2 : Magnetic glass window cleaning tool
Type 3 : Magnetic window wiper
Type 4 : Brush for cleaning windows
Suitable thickness: : 3-8mm/8-15mm/15-26mm/20-30mm

How to choose the correct size?

Single-layer glass choose blue style (3-8mm), blue style (3-8mm) is also suitable for cleaning fish tanks and car glass.

Choose red style for double glazing (8-15mm)

Choose green style for double layer thicken glass(15-26mm)

Three-layer glass choose brown style (20-30mm)

Please be sure to choose the correct size!


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