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Electric Wine Aerator Dispenser | Yazijico™

Electric Wine Aerator Dispenser | Yazijico™

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Electric Wine Aerator Dispenser

Introducing the Yazijico™ Electric Wine Aerator Dispenser - the ultimate solution for quick and precise wine aeration. This professional dispenser uses smart technology to provide the perfect amount of aeration, resulting in a smoother and more flavorful drink. Say goodbye to long decanting times and enjoy your wine at its best.

1. Rated power: 4W
2. Working voltage: 3.7V
3. Working current: 1A
4. Input voltage: DC-5V
5. Battery capacity: 500mAh
6. Material: ABS+ silicone
7. Product color: white
8. Applicable bottle mouth: 14-32mm
Video usage: Sensing the wine glass automatically dispenses.

Quantitative Setting:
1: Long press the switch key, the middle blue light is on, and enter the 20ml state of the factory setting.
2: If 20ml can not meet the requirements, double-click the switch, jump to the right blue light flashing non-stop, click the switch within 5 seconds, enter the custom start, and then press the switch to customize the completion. From then on, each water output is the set capacity.


1. Break through the red wine surface to play ;more flavor molecules in red wine.

2. Bring more oxygen into contact with red wine.

3. The magnet design makes the tannin in the red wine of the magnet more alcoholic.

4. Long wavelength of red light, strong penetratio n of red wine, promote red wine oxidation

5.simple and practical, elegant and generous, not only& nbsp;wine lovers and professional sommeliers carry essential w ine,more suitable for home,promotional gifts and so on.

1.Easy to use :With just a press of a button, you will have more surface area oxidation and luxur iously flavorful taste.

2.Pair with red and white wines, whiskey, scotch, and bitter beers to enjoy fireworks of flavor.


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